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Drum Journey w/ Phillip Scott from Ancestral Voice

Shamanism is the most ancient Path known and traversed by humanity for the acquisition of wisdom, knowledge and healing for one's community, nation, planet and self. Via the vehicles of Indigenous song, movement, prayer and music, we journey to and explore landscapes and Sacred geographies that traditional peoples from diverse cultures have frequented for millennia.

Undertaken with specific intent and purpose, we encounter and acquaint ourselves with the Spirits and powerful denizens of these realms- our Allies, Benefactors and Guardians - to learn and partake of the Medicine they have to offer. It is an experience steeped in Spirit, Mystery and Magic.

Participants are requested to bring healthy fare to share for the feast that follows (it is an important part of the Ceremony).

Appropriate attire is also requested. Men wear pants (no shorts) and a shirt that covers the shoulders.

Women wear ankle length skirts/dresses (or a sarong over pants) and a shirt that covers the shoulders.

Please note the attire guidelines are directed and mandated by Traditional Indigenous women and Grandmothers. A respect and honouring of the feminine, skirts and dresses create a container and conduit that fosters a potent linkage between the womb and the Earth.

Respectful donations are customary and appreciated.

Ancestral Voice is a preeminent center of healing and learning devoted to the preservation, application and respectful dissemination of traditional Indigenous and shamanic lifeways.

Employing Native wisdom and practices, seekers learn, discover and cultivate ways to live Intentfully, with Awareness, Passion and Freedom in order to be of Service.

Blessings & Toksa,

Doors 7.30PM

Ceremony starts at 7.45pm