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Soulful Sunday: Music, Mantra, Meditation

We live in a fast paced and highly stimulating world that can pull us many different directions. Soulful Sunday is a chance to ground down with sacred sound.

Join Jeremy Falk, E-RYT 500 on a journey through story, mantra, and meditation. Each month will feature different musical guests. Join us October 20th, with Madhu Sound Healing Artist!

We’ll explore what the ancient myths can teach us about ourselves and focus our intentions on empowering the highest virtues of consciousness. Each month we'll chant a special mantra 108 times to activate and amplify these forces of nature within us. 108 is an auspicious number in the yogic tradition. It appears as a sacred ratio in nature and the cosmos, and is said to represent the individual self (1), pure consciousness (0), and infinity (8).

This practice will involve discussion, chanting, meditating, and laying on your back.

You will experience how chanting helps us to reclaim, reorganize, and reunify our own energy. This high vibrational state is amplified in a group which allows us to access deeper states of meditation. We’ll finish the journey in a sweet Savasana.

Come Monday, you’ll feel grounded, connected, and fully alive.

Dress comfortably to chant and chill. The Center SF will provide some yoga mats, blankets, and bolsters for your comfort. When possible, please bring what you can to ensure enough for all.

Presale $35. Door $40 (not guaranteed at the door) // Tickets available via Facebook or Eventbrite

Please arrive early. To keep the container peaceful, no one will be admitted more than 10 minutes late. We hope to see you there!

Jeremy Falk is an E-RYT 500HR whose mission is to inspire grounded embodiment, authentic connection, and empowered leadership. With over 13 years of experience in embodied arts, he’s been recognized for his grounded and accessible teachings as an Ambassador for companies like Lululemon, Fitbit, and Yoga Journal. He encourages his students to stay connected to how our practices help us show up in the world with more compassion, focus, resilience, and patience.

He loves teaching breath, movement, and meditation as catalysts for embodiment, guiding people beyond casual surface interactions to cultivate an intimate experience of life.

He offers meditations through his popular channel “Morning Meditations for Daily Magic” on Audible. You can learn more about his unique workshops, events, and international retreats by visiting or staying connected with Jeremy Falk Yoga ૐ.

Madhu Anziani is a sound healer extraordinaire who learned from the first-hand experience of being paralyzed as a quadriplegic and used sound and energy healing to completely recover. Madhu's voice is otherworldly; both a portal and vessel for sound healing. He has studied Jazz and World Music and is certified in Sound, Voice, and Music Healing from CIIS. He offers a 6 part program entitled The Path of Liberation Through Vibration, a curriculum of techniques and guidance for opening the healing power of the voice. He teaches from a cross-cultural lens, blending Tibetan Buddhist chant, Wisdom Healing Chi Gong, and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Ancestral Healing Arts

You can learn more and listen to Madhu by visiting