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Underbelly: Discover Your Slow Dance

Underbelly is a conscious dance experience, meditation in motion, emotional processing space and embodied movement inquiry. Explore The Art of Slowing Down in this “subtle energy open jam” with music, movement, presence, and human contact to reveal unique states of connection and authenticity. Invite movement from feeling the intimate spaces of your body, breath and being while in an immersive aesthetic of light and sound. Cultivate deeper awareness, listening, and attunement as you relate to self, other and the environment. Voyage beneath the surface of our fast culture and dive into a slow sanctuary for unearthing what is alive, tender, honest and real for you in every moment.

This experience is not a solution, method or teaching of tools. It is an intentional/invitational container for self-discovery, facilitated deep diving, awareness cultivation and spacious inquiry.

Music: Pre-curated playlists/soundscapes ranging from beautiful, sensual, live and emotionally evoking to ambient, silent, soulful, and downtempo.

For all those interested in embodiment, deepening awareness, authentic movement, emotional processing, meditation, and somatic practice (all dance/movement backgrounds welcome and no dance prerequisites necessary). No kiddos/minors please!

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General Schedule:
7:30-8pm: Self-arrival and grounding
8:00-8:40p: Facilitated opening
8:40-9:30p: Experimental Jam/Open Dance
9:30-9:45p: Facilitated closing
**Once we start @8pm, the container will close and no one else will be admitted. Special requests permitted, please communicate.

1) Pay online to Eventbrite.
2) Venmo/paypal or cash at the door.
1 drop in dance: $25
Dance Packs: Pay cash or Venmo/paypal at the door.
4 dances: $88
8 dances: $160
12 dances: $216
*no expiration, no refunds, not usable at pop ups or living room sessions
Tickets available via Facebook or Eventbrite

Logistics and what to bring:
~Come on time, we want to open and close the container together.
~Bring your own water/water bottle, journal/pen + self-care necessities.
~Wear comfortable clothing to move in and bring layers just in case you feel chilly or spend time on the ground
~We will keep a lost and found.
~If you have feedback/concerns/questions, please message the organizers directly through the Underbelly page.
~You are invited to turn your phone off or on airplane mode to minimize EMF interference to the space and our bodies.

What happens when you give yourself time/space to intentionally slow your internal pace?
~Illumining your true yes and no.
~Inviting agenda-less human contact with a focus on care: nurturance, presence, reverence and appreciation.
~Releasing pre-conceived notions of dance, body stereotypes, technicality, method, and choreography.
~Sitting with restlessness, boredom, irritation, and doing nothing.
~Unwinding habituated movement and momentum, unconscious tension, patterns of immediacy and conditioned identity.
~Heightening tactile, kinesthetic, sensory, and energetic faculties.
~Accessing emotional, somatic, sensuous, and subtle/micro inner landscapes.
~Playing with thresholds of vulnerability: witnessing and being witnessed in the hard/honest things.
~Navigating moment to moment experiencing with curiosity vs. controlling or directing outcomes.
~Asking questions vs. expecting answers. Allowing vs. fixing.
~Feeling into honest/attuned movement vs. socially contrived movement.
~Unlocking permission to feel and express what is truthfully arising, oscillating, present, alive, real and raw.
~Unwinding the nervous system to restore grounding, receptiveness, listening and balance.
~Rooting into a loving/attentive/empowered relationship with the mind, body, heart, and spirit.
~Becoming intimate with the realms of tenderness, intensity, discomfort and paradox.
~Refining the borders of responsibility vs. projection.
~Examining interpersonal/transpersonal realms of relating.
~Moving from your truth, emotion, feeling, power, and enough-ness.
~Deriving power/choice internally vs. externally
~Inviting pauses/rest and noticing the space between action/movement.
~Attuning the body’s energetic field to the slower biorhythms of the planet: more BE-ing, less doing.

Underbelly Experience Features:
~Opening/Closing together
~Facilitated initiation into the dance
~Pre-curated playlists/soundscapes ranging from beautiful, sensual and emotionally evoking to ambient, soulful, chillhop and downtempo. No live DJ or front of the room.
~Occasional interwoven live musical guests/sound immersion/silence
~Witnessing: Intentional energy dedicated to vulnerability- meditate and actively witness the dance floor + allow fellow dancers to be witnessed.
~Floor: Intentional energy dedicated to grounding-floor movement, stretching, rolling, laying, resting, presencing, and anchoring.

Code of Conduct:
~Liability waiver and agreement must be signed before participation in the event.
~Please refrain from wearing heavy scents/fragrance.
~No talking/chit chat on the dance floor. However consent-based/intentional communication (both verbal and non-verbal) is encouraged, but please keep it minimal or quietly take it off the main floor.
~This is a non-sexual/non-sexualized container. Please treat this with care and integrity.
~Report all/any inappropriate behavior to the Underbelly staff. Failure to respect the space/others will result in immediate dismissal from the event.
~This is a sacred/safe space, please be sensitive/respectful/responsible.
~Shoes off on the dance floor.
~This is a substance free space.
~Please keep all food and liquids off the main floor space.
~Please keep valuables at home, we are not liable for your things and will not have a coat check.
~You are always responsible for your energy and choices.

About the Creator:
Amy Rogg is an activator and nurturer of the human spirit. She is also the creator of Underbelly: Discover Your Slow Dance.

Amy permissions people out of limitation and into greater vulnerability and authenticity by awakening pathways of intimate awareness, attunement, and subtle energy. She anchors people into their emotional inner world and intuitive body wisdom by slowing down, making space and embodying what's truly real in every moment.

Amy has a B.A. in television/film production and is a Los Angeles trained actor. She has also taught yoga (E-RYT 500) and somatic movement for the past decade. She weaves these modalities together creating portals for alchemical-emotional processes and cultural/relational evolution.
Her greatest movement practices/inspirations: GAGA, Contact Improvisation, Anna Halprin, Stefana Serefina, Qi Gong, Yoga, Open Floor, Ecstatic Dance, Dancing Freedom, 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion, Micro Fusion, all things Somatic, and romantic relationships.
Instagram: @amyrogg