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Female Rainbow Workshop: The Hestia Archetype

Join us to explore and celebrate the diverse aspects of our female identity that are multifaceted, strong, vulnerable, and colorful, just like the rainbow of qualities we can find in the archetypes of the Greek Goddesses.

The archetypes, just as the inner archetypes of the Greek goddesses, are powerful inner patterns, forces within that influence what we do and how we feel and can reveal intimate truths about ourselves. When we are able to understand them, we gain powerful insights that provide the key to self-knowledge and wholeness.

In this Female Rainbow Workshop, the first of its series, we start by reading and reflecting upon the myth of Hestia. Hestia is the goddess of the fire burning on a round hearth. She was felt to be present in the living flame at the center of the home, temple, and city. She made all places holy when she was there, and she provided the sanctuary where people bonded together. In our circle, we invite her independent, self-sufficient qualities of warmth, sacredness, and connection to the inner fire every woman has to provide herself with a sense of intactness and wholeness.

We work in dyads, following a guided exploration that will help us turn our focus inward and enter into a meditative state. From this state of closeness to ourselves we move on to using playfully a variety of art materials, including drawing, creating with clay and collage. Through this personal exploration, each participant deepens their connection to the qualities of Hestia. Lastly, we use Authentic Movement, creating a safe, non-judgemental space where we are free to move and listen to our body’s wisdom. This way we open ourselves to receiving insights that can encourage us to move in our everyday lives while being more connected to our inner wisdom and intuition and focused on what is personally meaningful.

Please bring: Comfortable clothes that you can easily move. Your open presence and beginner’s mind as this workshop is mainly experiential. Movement explorations are adaptable to all physical abilities and conditions. Quality art materials will be provided.

$44 Early Bird – Limited
$55 General - Available until 10/26 at 12:30PM
$77 Door - Available based on event capacity

Tickets available via Facebook and Eventbrite
*Please arrive on time as we will not be able to let people in late once we begin*

Maria Lentzou a highly sensitive and passionate woman, a mover, a witness, a creator, a thinker, a wounded healer and a truth teller. Her whole life has been a ceaseless journey, without and within, from Greece to Argentina, then Peru and now California, full of learnings and transformational experiences. She loves to provide a safe space for women to explore our unique creative voice, and heal our relationship to our inner child, our femininity and our bodies. Maria is a licensed psychologist from Greece (2004), and an interdisciplinary performing artist. She holds an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from CIIS (2017) and was specialized in Authentic Movement in Buenos Aires (2008-2014).