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Shamanic Ancestral Journey with Sand Symes

Find insights and guidance for the journey of your life!

Sand will lead us to the realms where ancestors and spirit await us with their healing and guidance to share. We spend the majority of our waking lives interacting with the world around us, often forgetting the other realm of non-ordinary reality of which we are a part. A powerful opportunity awaits us when we journey deep within ourselves and out beyond the ordinary, where we can encounter spirit and ancestors waiting to share their love, wisdom and guidance. Sand creates a safe and sacred space in which we can journey, with purpose and intention, to find the support that we most need in this moment of our lives. This unique experience fuses shamanic tradition and practices with mindfulness and sacred touch, aided by carefully curated songs and rhythm, all designed to serve our highest good and lead us towards remembering the truth of who we are.

Some participants return from this journey with clear accounts of experiences from way beyond their normal range of consciousness, others have less conscious recall but report a sense of greater peace or comfort with the choices they are facing. This is an experience not to be missed.

Early Bird $25 // At the Door $30 - Tickets via Facebook or Eventbrite

* Tickets at the door are not guaranteed*

Please Bring:
A mat to rest on; a pillow to lay your head on; a blanket to cover yourself.
There are limited yoga props such as mats and blankets available for use.

Sand Symes is a modern day medicine woman, spiritual mentor and intuitive guide. Her journey has been, and still is, one of surrender and seeking. Surrender to the call of spirit has shaped Sand’s experience and allowed her to bring her medicines to the fore. And she has sought out ancient rituals and practices that create sacred spaces for self-acceptance and transformation. Sand lives in Northern California, which is the perfect location to fuse ancient
earth-based wisdom with more modern methods that support us in our own journey to discover who we really are. She has a thriving practice working with individuals and a keen following for her teachings and events throughout the Bay Area.