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Chakra Sound Healing & Shamanic Journey with Amber Field

Connect more deeply with yourself and others in this beautiful community ritual. Dive into sound's deepest, healing vibrations and tune into the love frequency. Your body (and the entire universe) are vibrating with sound. Re-tune your cells through chanting ancient Sanskrit mantras and chants and spirit songs from sacred cultures. Connect with others through sound and ritual to prepare for a powerful didgeridoo sound healing over your heart. The didgeridoo can dislodge energy blocks and can feel like a giant vacuum that helps you release what no longer serves you.

We will end with a shamanic journey with the Native American buffalo drum. The drum beats activate your theta brain waves to help you enter a non-ordinary consciousness found in deep meditators where you can access deep states of healing, creativity and clarity. Meet your power animal or spirit guides as we journey to the lower or upper worlds and receive messages, insights, visions, and healing. Bring a journal to write down any messages after the journey.

Afterwards, we will wrap up with a beautiful community integration sharing circle and sing together to bless ourselves and the world.

Please bring a yoga mat or blanket.

General $30 // Doors $35 - Tickets via Facebook or Eventbrite
*Tickets at the door are not guarenteed based on capacity*

Amber Field was featured in San Francisco Magazine's Best of the Bay for yoga music. They are a Tamalpa associate teacher of expressive arts and facilitate rites of passage and community rituals. Amber plays didgeridoo, esraj, djembe, piano, flute, and sings like an angel. Amber has performed and taught at Esalen, Wanderlust, the Yoga Journal Conference, and universities and retreat centers around the world. Amber loves to help free people's voices in private and group classes. Their latest album Serendip by Amber Field's Caravan is available on iTunes.