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Introduction to Authentic Movement with Maria Lentzou

Are you looking for any of the following?
- to discover or express the best version of yourself
- more meaning in your life
- a better sense of peace within yourself
- to explore what you have to offer in life

Then you are looking to enhance your connection with your self, your essence.

Authentic Movement has provided this for many people. We begin with a rediscovery of your physical self through a series of semi-guided, warmup explorations. We then progress to creating a space where you are free. Free to listen to your body, free to follow the guidance of your soul. In this space there are no rules, except those that you create; there is no obligation, except to yourself. And to make it real for you, a compassionate witness validates the experience, without any judgment or criticism.

After the experience people have talked about feeling
- more centered and attuned to their feelings
- more aware of the obstacles that impede connection with themselves
- fulfilled by having creatively explored their inner world
- reconnected with the wisdom of their body and with their spirituality

Come and experience it for yourself at this introductory session.

Group is intimate and limited to 14 participants.

Early Bird $44 / At the Door $55 - RSVP HERE

Bring your open presence and use clothes that you feel comfortable to move and be on the floor. You can also consider using something to cover your eyes though it is not necessary. After the movement experience, we use art materials for the integration process. I will have paper, drawing materials, and clay, and you are welcome to bring whatever else feels right for you to use.

For questions, you can contact me at or 415-425-7428