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Attachment Theory: A New Way of Looking at Relationships and Intimacy

Ever been in relationship and noticed how you or your partner seemed to be following a sort of unspoken emotional “script” or “dance” leading the two down a path where triggers, difficulties, arguments, challenges, insecurities, and limitations seemed to get the best of you? If you’ve been on this planet for long enough, you have noticed that these patterns are more or less repeated for you and your partners.

In this class, you will learn...

★ More deeply about the various attachment styles (including the lesser known but important one called “fearful anxious” aka “anxious avoidant” aka disorganized)

★ The various cultural archetypes associated with the various attachment styles, so you’ll begin to see them in all the mainstream stories and movies.

★ How sociopaths, narcissists and people with borderline fit within the various attachment styles.

★ To recognize the “smoking guns” of the various attachment styles

★ To engage well with people with various attachment styles, and have realistic expectations of them

★ The difference between “who you want” and “what you need” in relationships (tip: it’s what you’re lacking the most) and why these two often don’t align, and what it takes to make them align.

★ To experience and compare the somatic and emotional experience of engaging with each attachment style

★ To begin down the path of creating a more secure attachment style for yourself and others, and setting your life for success.

Tickets: Early Bird $20 // At the Door $30


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