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Energetic Ecstatic Experience (Full Body Energy “Orgasm”)

Originating from ancient systems of energy practices, an Energetic Ecstatic Experience is re-awakening practice that helps us build and circulate our sexual, creative or life force energy throughout our body. Sometimes referred to as “full body energy orgasm” this technique can be a pleasure-elevating experience. It is intended to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and offer us an opportunity to access higher states of consciousness by experiencing deep joy and what some call “cosmic energetic pleasure."

For an example of a Energetic Ecstatic Experience, consider watching this video:

PRACTICAL INFORMATION Energetic Ecstatic Experience’s are always done in pairs yet it is not necessary to come with a partner. Furthermore, both practices can be done with the same or opposite sex.

- Water bottle
-Notebook (If you’re a note person)
- Sarong
-An open heart and mind
-Participants are encouraged to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

BIO In 2015, Nathan (Sky Child) was introduced to Tantra (neo & paleo), Conscious Relating and Sacred Sexuality. While being introduced to these three powerful paths, he experienced De-armouring and what he calls Energetic Ecstatic Experience. “Both of these experiences completely transformed how I view life and sexuality. I awoke to the reality that the alignment of ones' life force or sexual energy could bring great awakening and liberation.” Nathan now travels the world sharing this transformational work in weekend and week long workshops.

Price: Early Bird $30 // At the Door $35