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Wild Mystic Vocal Journey w/ Rara Avis + Lucia Grace

Wild Mystic Vocal Journey is an invitation to explore the transformative potential of sound, voice, breath and movement as tools for harmonizing body and mind. The process is designed to strengthen the experience of our own true nature, enhance the awareness of our unique voice and deepen intimacy with our core creative essence.Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to ride on the wings of your own voice? Or perhaps you sing already but yearn to feel a place where your voice belongs in harmony with others?

Singing is a gateway, and the voice is perhaps the most direct path to realizing that we are never separate, never alone.

Combine that experience with the timeless and graceful movement meditation practices of yoga and qi gong. Experience and learn powerful tools that you can carry with you every day in your life's journey.

Join renowned world music pioneer Rara Avis and somatic shamaness Lucia Grace for a journey into the wild and mystical nature of the heart.

$65 Early Bird (before April 1st)
$75 Regular Price
Refunds issued up to 7 days prior

Rara Avis (Latin for rare bird), born Alex King-Harris, is a masterful leader in transformational music and movement experiences. He has studied yoga, qi gong and martial arts for over 20 years and also has extensive experience in multi-instrumental performance, sound healing and music therapy. His immersive sonic environments incorporate a multi-instrumental, omni-cultural approach. Flute, guitar, didgeridoo, harmonic overtone singing, opening prayers and DJ techniques are layered together to create the backdrop for a mindful and embodied experience – inspiring ecstatic journeys in venues as intimate as a yoga studio and as sprawling as a festival setting.
Lucia Grace is a Somatic Shamaness, Yoga Therapist, Conscious Dance Facilitator and Transformational Bodyworker based in the SF Bay Area. Lucia believes that movement is healing medicine and that true freedom and joy can be found through conscious embodiment, unconditional self-love, and authentic creative expression. Lucia offers group healing experiences in San Francisco, Marin and Oakland. Her private practice sessions include somatic therapy, trauma release and transformational bodywork at her offices in SF and Fairfax.