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Precious Moments with Mama Nuiyuan - Indigenous Climate Wisdom

This is a special talk by Mama Nuiyuan, an Andean elder who has devoted his life to help transform people from all walks of life to recover humanity's righteous functioning as part of Nature on Earth. He acts like an acupuncture artist placing precise needles to recover energetic balance in a system. Mama Nuiyuan will make himself available to share some "Original Living Wisdom" of Mother Nature and of the way she intended humans to function as part of a living system on Earth. There will be opportunity to receive indiginous wisdom and ask questions of Mama.

This talk will address an indigenous Andean approach on sacred stewardship and will provide tools that each of us can apply in cultivating a relationship of loving care with nature for the sacred systems of life. This is considered a sacred space that we are opening with this discussion and certain gestures of respect that are highly valued in the Andean tradition. We ask that you arrive on-time and follow the instructions provided at the start of the event. Respectful donations are customary and appreciated.

What to bring:
Your spirit! If you'd like to wear white, you can. The Kogi of Colombia say that by wearing white we are able to remember our divine nature.

$35 - $50 Donation - RSVP HERE

Mama Nuiyuan is a gifted Native Andean maestro from Colombia, a master in bringing the ancestral wisdom to all of America and the world. He is a Vibrational Healer, Holistic Educator, Yogi, and Shaman of the Light. He holds the unique distinction of being the only Mama born outside of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia authentically ordained by the highest ranking Kogi: Mama Jacinto, who recognized and tested him over a 15 year period and was surprised to see how exceptionally accurate Mama Nuiyuan was in his way of working with "Aluna" the spirit of the Mother. Mama means "sun" in the Kogi language. Mama Nuiyuan means, "the sun shines for everyone". Besides preserving this original wisdom, his purpose is to be a bridge between the wise elders of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia and what they call the "Younger Brother." He has also been doing silent service across the USA to re-harmonize the forces and spirits of Nature here in California and around the entire country for 25 years.

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