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A.F.I.S.M. Records Pesents: Tea With RAMUUN, MIRROR POOL and T3RU

This will be an evening of extravagant and wonderful teas, beats and conscious evolution. Join us on a melodic and deeply rhythmic journey through the ancient future sounds of pure creation and adventure of true inspiration. Our intention is to raise the vibration of existence through all of our participation as we open portals into the new world of peace, love and happiness. Prepare yourselves for unheard intergalactic forces of hip-hop world Fusion to enhance, expand and enrich your lives.

Tickets: Early Bird $20 // At the Door $25


Evening schedule:
7:30PM // Doors open
8:00PM-8:15PM // T3RU
8:15PM-8:45PM // Mirror Pool
9:00PM-9:45PM // RAMUUN


Ramuun, (The ancient future soul hip hop group)
A musical duo with unique Hip Hop/fusion flavor from the ancient/future, consists of Luna Zaka and Narayan from Zion. Blending a powerful, unique and definitive style both in music and branding. In Ramuun's music there is a depth of poetic, rhythmic and melodic ideas using international sounds and digital synthesis in a fat yet smooth Hip Hop form. There is a unworldly yet earthly feel to their music, you can here the indigenous ancestors of our terrestrial past and our extraterrestrial ancestors of the ancient/future collaborating to make each song a journey to uplift, empower and inspire.
Together as a band and as life partners their love is evident both for their music and each other. Their passion for life and the dedication to change the world through positive creation is palpable in everything they do. From videos, photos, art, graphic design, fasion and of corse the music which they do almost all themselves you can really feel who they are and what they represent. RAMUUN is currently putting the finishing touches on Verbal Hypnosis, their first album. After over 3 years in the studio with more than 20 songs in the making, they have created a very unique and definitive style.

Mirror Pool
Alyra Rose and Alyson Miller are ancient soul sisters who met long ago on an auspicious full moon night in the Mendocino Mountains. They met very briefly and carried on. It wasn't until years later when their lives truly collided and incited something magical. Bonding through their love of music and art they have been crafting and delving into the realm of music and melody now for over 13 years. They weave soulful harmonies with an electro acoustic sound. Alyra is an avid song writer and skilled guitar player while Aly has an incredible etherical vocals and lyrics that capture your heart. She also has a cunning ear for dynamic soundscapes that she weaves into the music in their more electronic sets. They are known for performing with a loop pedal, electric guitar, beats and wild effects or just an acoustic guitar and their lovely voices. Both are captivating in their own right. Together their forces combined is something not to be missed. They have toured from New Mexico to Ireland and in between all while making a name for themselves on the west coast where they reside. Alyra and Alyson are recording their first double album together this coming year. Stay Tuned.