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Conscious Relationship Panel - Urban Awakening

Urban Awakening is hosting a Conscious Relationship Panel with 3 couples and mentors on the path of awakening and attracting and creating a conscious relationship.

Urban Awakening is unique in that the gathering focuses more on the needs and questions of the community rather than giving a long talk. Instead we focus on you. The gathering is interactive safe space to explore with an open heart and curiosity.

A few topics that might come up as questions:

--- What is a conscious relationship?
--- How do you attract a conscious relationship?
--- How do you create more connection even when there is conflict?
--- How do you ask for your needs to be met and be heard?
--- How do you deal with strong emotions of jealousy, anger or shutting down?
--- How do you deal with rejection and fears of abandonment?
--- How do you take space without hurting your partner?

Bring your own questions!

Tickets $20 - RSVP HERE

✪✪✪ SCHEDULE ✪✪✪

7:15pm - Grab tea from the lounge and grab a seat and meet community!
7:30pm - 8:00pm ▶▶Doors Close for Guided Meditation
8:00 - 9:30pm - Interactive Panel Talk answering your questions on conscious relationships


✪✪✪ Craig Wenaweser, M.A., MFT, is a spiritual teacher and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been studying and practicing various forms of eastern spirituality, western psychology and meditation for over 15 years. Through an integration of meditation, spiritual inquiry and a focus on self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love, Craig guides students and clients to a direct experience of the peace, joy, balance and wholeness of their true nature. He is co-founder of Urban Awakening, an organization that holds classes and workshops on meditation and awakened living in San Francisco and Oakland and has a private therapy and healing practice in San Francisco.

✪✪✪ Gigi Azmy, MBA is well known for one thing: her ability to rapidly transform her clients chronic issues into success with laser like precision. Before she became well known for her powerful transformational work, she worked for one of the biggest business consulting agencies in the world, Accenture. She then opened her own tech consultancy and has been designing, managing, and implementing technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies for the past 8 years. Today, Gigi is a recognized conscious thought leader and coach in the San Francisco bay area. Gigi studied psychology as an undergraduate at Rutgers University and has her Masters in Business from Thomas State University. She has a Conscious Relationship virtual course that sells out every single time and is starting a new group July 2019, where she takes a group of only 10 people on a 8 week transformative journey to learn how to be “The One” for themselves & create their dream relationship. Learn more and schedule a free 30 minute Relationship Breakthrough Session at

✪✪✪ Tobin Zivon (formerly Tobin Giblin) is best known as a powerful catalyst for deep transformation and embodied awakening. He authored The Art of Mindful Living: “You Can’t Stop the Waves, But You Can Learn to Surf,” and has been teaching groups, couples, and individuals for over 18 years.
His brilliance shines most brightly when working with men, women and couples in the realms of love, intimacy and sacred sexuality. For over two-and-a-half decades, Tobin has been wholeheartedly dedicated to spiritual awakening and to serving others in the flowering of their highest potential. His extensive training includes (but is in no way limited to) 6 years in a Zen Center, 12 years in the Ridhwan School (under the direction of AH Almaas), a three-year apprenticeship with one of the foremost transpersonal psychotherapists in America, five years with Adyashanti, and a teacher-training program with the South African Tantra teacher Shakti Malan. Tobin has been described as “the ultimate Guide… A rare, exquisite blend of therapist, coach, spiritual teacher and Tantra master all wrapped into one.”

✪✪✪ Mackenzie Eason is a love and relationship coach, most known for her emotional genius, intuition, and ability to provide safe, loving space for her clients to go deep. She specializes in helping women create stable, healthy, connected relationships by understanding their emotions and confidently communicating their needs and desires without fear of rejection. Mackenzie is a true guide for all matters for the heart. She offers online courses and 1:1 coaching worldwide. You learn more about her offerings at