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Plant Medicine for High Performance with Dr. CK Lin

Our technologies and cultures are changing at a rapid rate and people are craving more purpose and meaning in our work and life. Mission-oriented leaders must adapt themselves and develop new mental models to lead others into a brighter future. In this talk, Dr. CK explores the intentional and responsible use of ayahuasca for well-being, peak performance, and high-impact leadership development.

What's peak performance for next-generation leaders?

In this workshop we will discuss:
- Criteria to select the right facilitator for a safe, structured, and responsible psychedelic use
- Work you can do to optimize your experience before ceremony
- Work you can do to sustain your outcome after ceremony
- The role of the psychedelic community

Questions we will address:
- How to let go of self-limiting beliefs that don’t serve us?
- How to tap into flow and compassion?
- How to cultivate your intuition and execute with more clarity and power?
- How to use it to generate innovative ideas?
- How to discover your blind spots?
- How to accelerate your learning with neurogenesis?
- How to accelerate your spiritual path?
- How does ayahuasca cultivate those skills?

Early Bird $35 // At the Door $40 - RSVP HERE

CK empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve the seemingly impossible; his latest client grew an idea into a company worth $300M in valuation in less than 5 years. His clients include everyone from Nobel Laureates to fast-growing business organizations. He also curates meaningful discussions amongst industry transformers and leaders to develop and deepen relationships. The combination of his scientific training, eastern philosophy, and multi-disciplinary approach will accelerate your path to success. He is the world’s foremost peak-performance coach in bridging practical business solutions with transformational experiences. CK has a Ph.D. in engineering from UCLA.

Later Event: June 20
Summer Solstice Gathering