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Unlocking the True You: Interactive Workshop & Sound Healing

Every person’s essential nature is an expression of love, inspiration and clarity, and yet we unconsciously take on patterns of pain that separate us from this truth. By learning to distinguish and let go of these patterns, we relax into our true essence, and the most authentic version of our life has the space to blossom. This 3 hour workshop will be an experiential container, where we will shed these old patterns, and learn concrete tools to move forward on our inner journey in new ways.

We will be led through a multi-part experience consisting of:
Teachings to distinguish our pain from our essence.
Sound healing ceremony to energetically support this process.
Interactive session where we can ask questions and receive support on our individual journeys

What To Bring:
Comfortable clothes.
Personal Cushion (optional)
No prior experience required.

Tickets: Early Bird $30 // At the Door $35

Lili Lambert is an accomplished teacher/healer/coach with the capacity to access fields of subtle information that encode various aspects of life and Self. Over the course of many years, she has assisted people from around the world and all walks of life to step out of limitation and suffering and live from the highest version of themselves. Participants of this work are struck by Lili’s care and loving support of their personal evolution. And from this work, they report release of entrenched pain and suffering, deeper connection to life purpose and Self, and greater embodiment and presence in their lives.