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Bible Study for Poets, Beatniks, and Philosophers

This is an introduction to a series of six lectures and discussions offered every other Tuesday from 7-9pm. In
this series, we will take some tools given to us by philosophers and critics and explore what they can do by
applying them to the most charismatic of all texts in the western canon: the Bible.

● July 9th: What is history? Yahweh’s wife, Genesis, and the invention of history
● July 23rd: Existentialism. Kierkegaard, the death of the author/god, and the god within.
● Aug 6th: Queer theory. Song of Songs, Foucault, and reading with desire.
● Aug 20: Feminist and Cyborg theory. Women as agents of redemption and Jesus as god’s cyborg.
● Sep 10: Orientalism and Postcolonialism. Identity, othering, and Exodus
● Sep 24: Power theory. Narrative as a legitimizing tool.

Let's have better conversations about the Bible and a greater awareness of how discourses and readings shape our understanding of ourselves and others.

Have you ever said to someone,"the bible can be used to say anything" and felt like that was the end of the conversation? To a philosopher, that insight is just the beginning.

The series is non-sequential. Optional readings will be made available before each session for optimal engagement.

Michelle will introduce you to some methodologies of philosophy and literary criticism that you can use to engage in conversations about the Bible’s current role in our culture and politics with more nuance. We will take an introductory jaunt through post-structuralism and post-post structuralism picking up the tools left by Roland Barthes, Marshall McHulan, Jurgen Habermas, and several others. Michelle will argue that the use of biblical language is ultimately a matter of the distribution of power and the levers of ideology and should be engaged with on those terms. But this talk isn’t about what Michelle thinks as much as it is about empowering you to think more sharply about the role of religiously infused language in our culture and give you some tools to engage more deeply. You will leave you hungry for more and you can continue the conversation each week for six weeks.

Suggested Donation // $10 - RSVP HERE

Michelle Krejci received her doctorate of philosophy in biblical studies from the University of Sheffield, England in 2012. She has written on the impact of radio in shaping the culture of mega churches and evangelicalism in the US, on the application of biblical language by activists with a progressive agenda, and wrote her dissertation on the role biblical language has played shaping sexual education policy in the US. She taught courses on Women in the Bible, an introduction to philosophy, and literary criticism at the University of Sheffield and DePaul University before taking an abrupt turn and becoming a software engineer and focusing on logic and chaos theory. Though she’s no longer an academic but some people still think she’s smart.

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