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Neoshamanism: Transformational Journey Through Arctic Sound with Olox

Immerse yourself into Shamanic sound healing that have been used by first peoples to attain altered states and communicate with the spirit world. Drawing from deep wisdom of the Sakha neoshamans, the Olox ceremonial sound journey and live performance will move through the three worlds: The Lower, the Middle and the Higher. You will explore the combination of traditional songs of the Shamanic Arctic Siberian Sakha communities, a reindeer breath (arctic throat beat-box), the sounds of northern birds and animals with modern acoustic and electronic beats. This is a unique bridge between traditional knowledge and new technologies.
FIRST PART – The Lower World
Forces from the lower world are pervasive in our planet and threaten to destroy us from within and without. Sounds of the Lower World are used to release people from fear, grief, illnesses, hatred, and cruelty. Forces from the Middle and Higher Worlds are called upon through ritual and ceremony to aid in this powerful release.
A. Fumigation and purifying the space and asking the blessings from Spirit of the Fire – Khatan Temieriye.

B. People seat or lie on with closed eyes on the mats and OLOX goes to the audience place and makes the sound healing with shamanic drums. Each sound produced by Zarina and Andreas depends on people’s energy.
SECOND PART – The Middle World
The Middle World is intended for people and spirits. The sounds of the Middle World fill with virtue & love, the whole Universe and are in harmony with nature.
A. Reindeer breathing exercises.

B. Finding totemic animal and trying to imitate animals and birds sounds and to produce own sounds

C. Improvisation with audience

THIRD PART – The Higher World
Higher Overhead World is light and clean, it is a monastery of 9 Deity's each one of them responsible for the different problems of humans. The Deity's are called to harmonize the relations of people and nature in these struggles. The sounds of the Higher world assist art, wisdom, awareness enlightenment connection, help's people, to free themselves from prejudices and that which is artificial in the world.
A. Kylysakh sakha traditional singing technic

B. People create a circle, they dance and sing Osuokhai at the same time. This performance is the unifying all people. Every summer Sakha people celebrate a Solstice in June. During this event all the people and guests dance and sing Osuokhai creating the sacral circle. The main idea of Osoukhai is gettimg energy from Deity of Overhead world).

C. A little wild dance with people breaks the inner blocks and the whole tribe becomes as one

D. Before conclusion people lie on and fall into meditative sound to release their problems and worries

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