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From Hurting to Happiness: Hidden Wisdom of Your Body

Since science and spirituality has been seperated in our culture, we are getting more and more misinformed about our health. In this workshop we will go over the basics of how our body naturally works. Energy, Qi, Prana or life force has been found in many ancient teachings for over thousands of years. Learn how energetic imbalances can cause pain in your body. We will explore how emotional and spiritual blocks can contribute to your health.

Learn the basics of how your energy anatomy works. Learn how your body responds to stress and negative emotions. Learn how to heal naturally on many levels.

Learn how you can get reconnected, realigned and revitalized so that you can step into your soul power, become pain free, have freedom in mobility, create fulfillment in your life and live more authentically,

Early bird $40 // At the Door $49 - RSVP HERE

Jennifer Yau is a Pain and Emotional Release Expert with a background in Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Energy Healing and Massage. She has created her own methodology called Integrative Rebalancing Therapy™ to help hundreds heal on many levels. She is also founder of Fluid Flow Foundations, ™ which is a 12 week transformational program which has helped many become pain free, have freedom in mobility, create more fulfillment in their life and live more authentically..