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NIREN'S TALK: The Truth Beyond 'Wild Wild Country'

As Osho’s personal attorney, Niren lived the development and destruction of the Rajneeshpuram community in Oregon in the 80s. He experienced the human yearnings for transformation and freedom, and also the fear of the unknown and desire for power both outside and inside the Community.

In an hour and a half talk, followed by Q&A, Niren presents clear evidence about what actually happened to Osho and his community. Beyond the story told in Wild Wild Country lie more powerful and painful truths of the destructive actions of the United States government and Sheela Silverman, Osho’s trusted assistant.
Niren shares the results of his 30-year investigation, including his findings of eight Freedom of Information Requests and four related litigation. He’ll address statements by the key figures and reveal the bias in press reports.

Early Bird $25  // At the Door $30 - RSVP HERE

*In addition on Saturday, July 13th Niren will be hosting his Consciousness Practices day-long workshop- RSVP HERE FOR SATURDAY*

Philip 'Niren' Toelkes, recently featured in Netflix’s 'Wild Wild Country', has been Osho’s disciple and personal attorney since 1981 as well as Osho’s personal representative to the United States. Niren has been a certified
hypnosis and NLP practitioner for over 25 years. He has used his analytical skills and meditation based awareness to develop and refine techniques and practices which apply hypnosis, self hypnosis and NLP techniques to awareness. He’s devoted to deepening and expanding access to awareness, relaxation and new chosen ways of being to transform unwanted, unhelpful habits and beliefs.