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Consciousness Practices Workshop with Philip 'Niren' Toelkes

In a day long workshop of inner exploration, we'll help you, look beyond the mind and body into consciousness, expanding our awareness and opening our hearts.

Using awareness and neurolinguistic programming (“NLP”) techniques, adapted by Niren over many years for this work, you’ll learn to recognize and transform unhelpful habits/beliefs/behaviors into
relaxation/effectiveness/awareness/inner peace. Niren shares/explores meditation, early life experience, self-hypnosis and music to guide you on the path to relaxation, deeper awareness and creating the life you choose.

At the end of the day, you’ll have learned to use these powerful tools for yourself to deepen your understandings and make the changes you seek. Niren’s promise: If all you are seeking is deeper relaxation, you will have that; if you continue to do the work, you will experience the deeper awareness, inner peace, and new chosen ways of being.

- Please bring a water bottle and yoga mat (limited mats available at The Center SF)

$100 Early Bird // $125 General - RSVP HERE

Philip 'Niren' Toelkes, was named Prem Niren (Cloud of Love), by Osho when he became a disciple in 1981. A successful attorney for 50 years, he also served as Osho’s personal attorney from 1981 until Osho’s death in 1990. After Osho was illegally persecuted and his spiritual community was destroyed by the United States government actions, Osho made Niren his personal ambassador to represent him in sharing Osho’s vision in the US. Before Osho was driven from the US, Niren also served as mayor of the Rajneeshpuram community at Osho's request.

Osho asked Niren to write a book to “clear my name in America,” by exposing the government wrongdoing. Using the Freedom of Information Act, Niren has obtained long withheld key documents revealing the illegal persecution and prosecution. Niren's decades long investigation and the resulting book is nearing completion and will be published in 2019.

Niren has sought out, studied and practiced "doing the deep work" for 40 years. He's certified in hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (“NLP”), Somatics and more with over 40 years of practicing and teaching meditation. In the course of Niren’s healing practice, he has modified and applied various techniques to the experiential exploration of ego/mind and awareness in order to transform limiting beliefs and habits.

Later Event: July 13
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