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Love & Lust for Queer Men in Recovery & Allies

As gay and queer men, sex is central to our culture and connections with other men. Although we may be having lots of sex or longing for it, we may feel like something is missing. We can be torn between extremes, unsure how to harmonize our desires for hot sex with our longings for intimacy.

Queer Connect is a community for gay, queer, bi and trans men seeking connection and tools to craft exiting erotic chemistry and unique sexual expression. There are very specific reasons why sex and love are often split for us, but we can bring these two ends of our personal spectrum into harmony.

Our workshops are designed to help bring Love & Lust together by increasing our capacities for intimacy, cultivating desire, and overcoming blocks to expression. We highlight various topics each month.

Finding healthy ways to connect and experience intimacy with other gay/queer/bi/trans men without the use of drugs and alcohol. This event will focus on:

-Breaking through inhibitions for more peak experiences while sober
-Interpreting fantasy as a guide to your emotional needs & unlocking sexual potential
-Using mindfulness techniques to address sexual anxieties

Tickets $35 - RSVP HERE

Drawing on Tantra, NVC, Hakomi, current theories in couples’ therapy, sex therapy, EFT, and mythology, we create a safe container for you to share about your experience. This is a clothing-on workshop for anyone who identifies as a queer man.

Queer Connect:
We offer a variety of workshops and interactive experiences to explore intimate touch, our individual and collective psychology, and our spiritual journeys into the heart of sex and desire. Learn tools to enrich your relationships and sexual practices. Also available for private bookings.
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