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Tap Into Your Resources Through Hypnosis & Meditation

What it hypnosis and how is it useful?

Have you been interested in hypnosis but think it's all a stage trick? Are you interested in the reported benefits but haven ́t had the opportunity to try?

Beyond the myths, far from the mystical or the magical, hypnosis is a natural state of being and we all experience it every day without even noticing it. By learning how to tap into our subconscious mind, which is a beautiful reservoir full of resources, we will be able to make more empowered choices and to create solution-focused changes in our lives.

This workshop will teach you how recognize and experience a relaxed natural state that is available to all of us. We will also work on changing some of our limiting beliefs and perceptions that prevent us from living the life we truly desire. By opening our heart center, we are able to raise our frequency and to go back into our lives feeling happier and more confident.

When we are actively aware and learn to change our brain waves, we can enter a more creative state and connect with who we truly are. This connection creates a beautiful ripple effect that can spread out to everyone and everything around us.

Please bring: a cushion to sit on and a blanket to cover yourself.
*There will be limited props such as backjacks, bolsters, blankets available for use*

$20 early-bird / $25 at the door - RSVP HERE
*Please arrive on time as we will not be able to let people in late once we begin*

Claire is an hypnotherapist who developed her practice in Provence, France. Now in SF, she would love to share part of her practice with you. You will be introduced to Ericksonian Hypnosis which is used as a wonderful tool for change and growth. She would also like to guide you through some simple meditation practices in order to access our heart center and to promote a healthy heart/brain communication.
IG: claire_battistella
FB: claire battistella