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Creating Extraordinary Relationships - Urban Awakening

Urban Awakening has been hosting monthly workshops on "Spirituality & Awakening", "Healing Trauma" and "Conscious Relationships" for the past 4 years in San Francisco at The Center SF.

✪✪ We get super honest, real and deeply transformative very quickly in a loving safe conscious communal space. If that sounds amazing, keep reading! ✪✪

Your relationships are a mirror of how embodied and integrated your spiritual path and awakening are in your life.

This workshop will help you to:

✪ Understand where you might be getting stuck in your own
process when it comes to relationships and how to remove
that stuckness and enjoy true connection with others.

✪ Understand how to stay true to ourselves and create
extraordinary relationships that can withstand real issues
and hard emotions

✪ Understand how to process your own hard emotions and
create connection instead of conflict

✪ Practice using practical skills that cause deeper connection
with others

✪✪✪ SCHEDULE ✪✪✪
7:15pm - Grab tea from the lounge and grab a seat and meet community!
7:30pm - 8:00pm ▶ Doors Close for Guided Meditation
8:00 - 8:30pm - Talk on Creating Extraordinary Relationships
8:30pm - 9:00pm - Interactive Learning Exercises
9:00pm - 9:30 -- Open Community Wisdom Dialogue
9:30pm -- END

"Creating Extraordinary Relationships" workshop will be highly interactive and give the community an open safe space to talk about, process and learn new tools for deeper personal healing and therefore deeper awakening and extraordinary relationships. As we awaken, we are faced with a very real phenomena of our pain coming up and we don't really know what to do with it. We try to be present, loving and patient, but our "stuff" keeps coming up.

Becoming a whole human being is not addressed by awakening alone and we cannot simply meditate our wounding and trauma away. We must learn how to heal up our inner lives and evolve into a mature and integrated embodied awakening that are capable of creating extraordinary relationships.

This gathering will be a traditional Urban Awakening with a meditation portion followed by a lively interactive community dialogue filled with rich teachings and pointers on how to meet issues in our lives, pain and trauma on the spiritual path and bring our awakening to everyday life. Urban Awakening has been sharing the awakening journey with community through monthly gatherings for the past 4 years in the bay area.

✪✪✪ Price = $15 - RSVP HERE

✪✪✪ About The Facilitators ✪✪✪

Craig Wenaweser and Gigi Azmy have been teaching Urban Awakening for the past 4 years in San Francisco. They are best friends on the Awakening journey and seek to share their passion with the world as an act of love and service.

✪✪✪ Gigi Azmy, MBA is well known for one thing: her ability to rapidly transform her clients chronic issues into success with laser like precision. Before she became well known for her powerful transformational work, she worked for one of the biggest business consulting agencies in the world, Accenture. She then opened her own tech consultancy and has been designing, managing, and implementing technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies for the past 8 years. Today, Gigi is a recognized conscious thought leader and coach in the San Francisco bay area. Gigi studied psychology as an undergraduate at Rutgers University and has her Masters in Business from Thomas State University. She has a Conscious Relationship virtual course that sells out every single time and is starting a new group December 2019, where she takes a group of only 10 people on a 8 week transformative journey to learn how to be “The One” for themselves & create their dream relationship. Learn more and schedule a free 30 minute Relationship Breakthrough Session at

✪✪✪ Craig Wenaweser, M.A., MFT, is a spiritual teacher and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been studying and practicing various forms of eastern spirituality, western psychology and meditation for over 15 years. Through an integration of meditation, spiritual inquiry and a focus on self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love, Craig guides students and clients to a direct experience of the peace, joy, balance and wholeness of their true nature. He is co-founder of Urban Awakening, an organization that holds classes and workshops on meditation and awakened living in San Francisco and Oakland and has a private therapy and healing practice in San Francisco.