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Holistic House Dance Class

House Basics explores basic foundational footwork of House Dance. Dancers will engage in different rhythmic patterns through house movement, jacking, and lofting. Dancers will practice movements in repetition, movements across the floor and will also be introduced to the club element of freestyle. House Dance is an umbrella term referring to underground club styles originating in Chicago and NYC.

Suggested attire: comfortable clothing that you can easily move in (e.g. tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, sweats, yoga pants). Students should wear supportive footwear or none at all.

Early Bird $20 // Ticket at the Door $25 - RSVP HERE

As an International presenter, Gabriel Francisco has spent the last 16 years connecting, sharing and inspiring. 'Dance is Life' is a class style he created in 2014 that brings together his entire career of movement and communication to serve a purpose, Oneness. 'Dance is Life' is free of any traditional dance style, incredibly personal and very awakening. Leave all questions and fears behind and dive into this life changing course!