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Mala Making Workshop with Enchanted Strands

Have you ever wanted a Mala necklace but have not found the right one? Would you like to make your own 108 beaded crystal necklace infused with your personal intentions and prayers? Do you want to learn more about crystals and the healing benefits they have? Are you new to meditation or are interested in deepening your meditation practice?

Join Hana Pepin in this fun and interactive hands on workshop where you will leave with a finished Mala necklace and a wealth of knowledge.

During the workshop we will discuss the...
-Origin, history and application of a 108 Mala Necklace
-Types of crystals, how to choose and the power they carry
-How to integrate Mala meditation into your daily practice
-Learn how to hand tie knots between each bead
-The art of Mantra (chanting) and the power of vibration for personal healing

Early Bird $65 // At the Door $75 - RSVP HERE

* This price includes materials (roughly $30 per person) as these beads are genuine crystal*

What are mala beads? A mala "garland" is a strands of beads ( wood, seeds, or crystals) placed onto a string to make a necklace and is worn by the spiritual disciple. The students aim for the mala is to use it to count breathes, recite mantras, and chant during meditation. Being that it is a spiritual tool the Mala facilitates a deeper connection with us and the divine aspect of the cosmos (nature, universe, god consciousness). You will learn to make a Mala, its symbolism, the traditional ways to stringing, beading and reciting prayers based on the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. We will work with 17 different colors gemstones (lapis, amethyst, quartz, labradorite, jade, citrine, garnet, aquamarine, ect) to help cultivate and manifest our personal intentions.

The word “bead” reinforces the meaning and transcendental function of prayer beads, deriving as it does both from the Sanskrit buddh, Which refers to self-realization – the Buddha being the enlightened one - and from the Saxon verb bidden, “to prey”

In many traditions, strings of prayer beads reputedly have Miraculous origins. Catholics tell of the Virgin Mary revealing the rosary to Saint Dominic, bidding him teach it to the faithful... In Tibet, ancient dzi, Or a Buddha-eye, beads have been found in tilt fields, their origins obscure but considered sanctified. Tiny seed beads used in Native American beadwork are thought to be gifts sent by the great spirit, all the same auspicious materials - Crystal’s, Amber, Rose Wood, all olive pits – are revered and incorporated in rosaries universally.

Prayers repeated upon sanctified beads are intensified by the spiritual power conferred on them by being Repeated in secret and ancient languages. The devotion of illuminated individuals has instilled a holiness in the words of prayers that, through the repetition, can open the gate to the divine realm.

Reciting the Sanskrit word Om, for example, is thought to bring the believer into residence with every part of the universe. The aims of rosary prayers are remarkably similar across cultures: Impressing the words of a higher power upon the heart helps one to be able to “pray without ceasing”, So that every act is carried out with an awareness of a higher power.

Hana Pepin has been hosting Mala making workshops in San Diego for the past four years and started her business, Enchanted Strands 5 years ago creating custom Malas for her community. She intends to share the art of beading and the ancient wisdom of mantra (chanting) to harmonize mind, body and spirit. To her the process of Mala making is unique, meditative and inspiring. No piece is ever the same and each necklace carries a certain vibrations and intention. The stones bring forth the power within an individual to align oneself with their purpose and meaning.

"Each bead is a seed of love to the flower of infinite wisdom and oneness that lies within us. The string is the universal self, existing in everything! The beads are you and I, the unique expressions of the whole. Together we grow in the garden of eternal bliss”.-Hana Pepin