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The Women's Dance Temple: with Mana Mei

THE WOMEN’S DANCE TEMPLE is a space for all women to come together to celebrate our bodies, soften our minds, and awaken our spirits through the universal language of dance. Together, we give ourselves and each other permission to feel more and express without inhibition. Mana Mei creates a safely held temple space where you are invited to honor your bodies as a beautiful alter, allowing the feminine creative energies to flow through you like a wild river and be expressed, inhibited, through dance and intuitive movement. Only by allowing ourselves to be fully expressed in front of others, will we begin to taste what it is like to be a liberated being and to fully connect with our radiance. The Dance Temple is a space to drop into movement meditation, allowing the mind to soften and the body to take control, surrendering to the desires of the sensual experience. Through this practice, we become fully present with the beauty of the now, and gracefully float in the ocean of infinite possibility.

Schedule of Offerings:
We open the space together in circle, setting individual and collective intentions. What are you calling in? What would you like to release? What is your prayer for the evening? We set intention through collective ritual and hold these prayers in our hearts as we move through the evening.

✫ 8:00pm: EMBODIED MOVEMENT PRACTICES- Guided by Mana Mei
Drop your mind and allow yourself to be guided into a state of heightened embodiment, full presence, open heart, and connection with your authentic movement. This will be an opportunity to drop fully into the temple space and co-create the energetic landscape for the rest of the night, focused on safety, acceptance, love, sisterhood, and full expressive liberation.

We each have our own unique movement language. We will dive deep for 1 hour into our soul's voice and see how she wants to be expressed in the world. ALL EXPRESSIONS ARE WELCOME. This is a safe space to explore what wants to be explored and to let your body say everything that wants to be said. Through co-creating a container of non-judgment and full acceptance, we give each other permission to come into full freedom of expression. This is an invitation to slow down, do less, take the path of least resistance, explore your sensuality, get wild, touch more, open more, feel more, allow more.

You have shaken, released, let go, and fallen deeply in love with your body, your spirit, your sisters, and most likely the floor. Now experiencing pure present awareness, life force vibrating through you at full volume, and pure silence of the mind, you are ready to become fully enveloped in a short sound & silence meditation. We will close the evening by gathering once more in circle, taking time to integrate the experience and sealing the collective energy field.

This is a very unique and special opportunity for us to come together in free movement and liberated expression, drop all expectations and judgements, and just do YOU, fully!
ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME, no dance experience required

Age: 16+ years
Price: $25 Early Bird // $30 At the Door - RSVP HERE

*Please arrive ON TIME as we will open the space together. Please intend to stay until the end so that we may close the space together as well
*Please wear clothes that allow for maximum freedom of movement
*Please do not wear perfumes or fragrances

Mana Mei is a classically trained ballet and modern dancer, having 28 years of technical dance experience and knowledge as well as 10 years of personal embodied dance and and expressive movement exploration. After dancing professionally with internationally touring dance companies in California, Mana moved to Bali and began the creation of many passionate offerings- events, workshops, ceremonies, and retreats of intuitive movement, dance technique, embodied contact, women’s empowerment, embodied movement facilitator training, and live performance dance invocations. As a sacred temple keeper, Mana creates and holds containers where people can safely explore and reconnect with all of their expressions, from the soft and subtle to the raw and wild. She guides people to tune into their authentic movement desires as a way to unlock suppressed personal expression and liberate the body, mind, and spirit so that they may realize their true and full potential as activated humans. She believes that our bodies are vessels built to explore all of the complexities of the human experience and by becoming deeply embodied and engaging with others from this place, we may feel our truest connection to the universe and restoring the masculine and feminine energies into divine balance. Most recently, Mana has launched the Embodied Dance Temple Keeper Apprenticeship, a 40-hour facilitator training which teaches women the necessary tools and skills to hold Embodied Dance spaces for women.