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The Anatomy of Trauma & How to Heal with Samantha Ibarguen

For those on a spiritual path…

If you are ready to understand what’s been holding you back, and heal it, this workshop is for you.

You want to change a pattern, but you don’t know how. You know exactly what you want to create in your work, but you can’t seem to actually do it. You can visualize the kind of life you want to live, but it’s just not happening.

There are all symptoms of unhealed trauma.

When trauma happens, the event is frozen in our bodies and minds until it’s processed and healed. This blockage holds us back from having and doing everything we actually care about. Your magnificent career, your fiercest self-expression, your most abundant reality -- it’s all too risky in the world of unhealed trauma. And so it all gets shut down.

We’ll deconstruct the anatomy of trauma, so you’ll understand how and why traumatic events in your life have held you back. Through gentle movement, introductory energy-healing techniques, and dialogue, you’ll start to reach the places inside of you that trauma has been frozen for years or decades, and start to heal. You'll experience your own beautiful essence, divinity, and creativity as never before.

Please bring:
*A notebook and pen.
*Comfy clothing.

*Please arrive on time. We will begin promptly at 7:30pm. *

$20 General // $25 Door - RSVP HERE

Samantha Ibarguen is an energy-healer and ex-corporate warrior. Over the past 10 years, she has worked with men and women globally to heal their trauma and original wounds using shadow work, energy-healing, and psych-spiritual cognitive understanding. Her clients walk away with the clarity and confidence to create the life of their dreams.
IG- @sam_ibarguen // FB: @intergratedwellness1