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The Empowered Man Forum - Monthly Men's Circle

We come to a place in our evolution where there is a call: to know oneself from our core essence, to live and speak from the truth within us, and to open our hearts and minds to directly experience the world. As men in our culture, an essential component of this path is to craft our own uplifting version of masculinity and to connect with a brotherhood of men.

The Empowered Man Forum offers us the tribal interconnection with other men that is so lacking today. Come participate in a space where you can witness and be witnessed in a community of like-minded men. Receive support for your challenges, foster communication skills, and create accountability for finding and staying on our growth edge. And most important - discover and co-create a healthy, empowering version of masculinity.

In this workshop you will:
* Participate in a sharing circle to witness and be witnessed
* Develop your communication, emotional intelligence, and voice
* Explore group exercises to work your growth edge around sex, relationships, work, and purpose

This is for you if:
* You want to participate in a free-form men’s group
* You value communication and personal growth
* You are seeking a brotherhood of like-minded men

Be Prompt: Doors close at 7:40 sharp
Be Present: No Phone use and be sober (no alcohol, marijuana, or other inebriants)
Be Open: This is a space to give and receive feedback; and to learn how to communicate and listen deeply.

Confidentiality: You are welcome to share your experience and anything from the facilitators afterward, but we agree not to share anything about other participant’s experience or shares.

Open to people of all ages and orientations. While the material will be presented from a cis-male perspective, we welcome anyone who identifies as either masculine or male. We support our whole community – low income application form:

Tickets: $35- RSVP HERE

Matt Sturm – Matt is a guide for transformational experiences and the co-founder of Embodied Erotic, a community for sacred sexuality workshops and ceremonies. I’m trained in the Hakomi method of psychotherapy, I’m a Hatha yoga teacher, Certified Tantra Educator, and practice in the Vajrayana lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Dane Holewinski – Dane's passion and purpose is helping people expand beyond their limits to craft their lives and the world. He coaches mission-driven startup founders & CEOs, facilitates breathwork and crafts musical experiences.