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Cosmic Herbalism: Planetary Magick with Julie Benefico

In this series we will delve deep into the art of herbal alchemy. We will connect with ourselves and the universe by uncovering more insight into our true desires and how to obtain them through connection with the earth & sky. Each class is designed to explore a different part of the cosmos in order to guide us to more knowledge of self and the earth around us. We will talk about the philosophy of alchemy and how being in relationship with the shadow aspects of self can bring us closer to our own self-actualization. As well as how this work can help us transform our communities and help us be better stewards of the land!

September 24th 7:30PM-9:30PM - Planetary Magick
October 17th 7:30PM-9:30PM - Elemental Magick

In these classes participants will learn about the medicinal and magical properties of plants and which planets, elements, and moon phases they are correlated too. We will build a toolkit of self-care practices to take control of our lives and manifest our deepest desires. Learn about the power of plant medicine through planetary, moon, and elemental magick. In each class we will make an herbal potion to connect deeper with these cosmic forces!

Planetary Magick: Planets are powerful celestial bodies that we can build a harmonious relationship to in order to bring our intentions into fruition. We can learn about, connect to, and build communion with planets & make magick our reality through working with herbal allies. In this class each participant will make their own personal planetary amulet with herbs and gemstones sealed with their specific intention to take with them!

Elemental Magick: In Elemental magick we will explore the power of the Elements and how working with them can benefit ritual magick, understanding of self, and insight into nature. By understanding our own elemental infrastructure we can see who we are and be more in tune with nature! Participants will be led in herbal incense making and get to take home a personalized incense elemental incense blend.

Please bring: A journal and pen

$40 Online // $45 Door // $70 Both Workshops- Tickets via Facebook or Eventbrite
*all classes include materials for medicine we make and get to take home*

Julie is a Certified Clinical Herbalist with an undying passion to help others uncover the mysteries of their soul and heal naturally. Utilizing nutrition, medical herbalism, and self care tools she has a practice working with clients to help facilitate healing from the core. Julie also has a handcrafted herbal skincare & aromatherapy line for self-care, intention setting, and nourishment Called Opal Elements Cosmic Apothecary. Julie is a green witch that loves working with the shadow aspects of life in order to reach the light! She studies alchemy, astrology, and herbalism and integrates these magickal practices into her life, consultations, and workshops. // // IG: @opalelements