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Relationship Makeover - What am I getting wrong?

If you want clear-cut answers about where you might be stuck in your relationships and how to reach your relationship goals, this workshop is for you. For singles or those with partners.

Your seasoned facilitator is Gigi Azmy, a conscious relationship coach, and has been teaching at The Center SF for the past 4 years. She is known for her honest clear-cutting wisdom that gets right down to the solution to get you out of stuckness.

This is only for women who are REALLY ready to become clear on how their thoughts and actions are attracting their relationships and want to work toward understanding themselves better so they can create and attract the relationship of their dreams.

<<Only 8 Women to a group!!>>
COST: $40 (helps to pay for rental of beautiful space)
7:20 PM: Enter, grab tea from lounge and take a seat :)
7:30 PM: Doors Close - Start and Introductions
🌹🌹Doors Close - No Late Entry 🌹🌹
Feel free to bring your dinner
9:30 PM: Workshop End
BRING: A notebook/journal.
ALL INVITED - Single, Coupled, LGBTQ
AGES 30-45 only

We think we are attracting bad relationships...

The truth is...we are attracted to unhealthy dynamics.

We attract our deep seated trauma.

Different partner, yet same set of terribly familiar issues.

Becoming clear on our patterns helps us grow out of this relationships rut.

You will leave this circle clear on what your currents self-sabotaging patterns are and why you keep attracting and creating a relationship that is not perfect for you.

This is only for women who are ready to become clear on how their thoughts and actions are attracting their relationships and want to work toward understanding themselves better so they can create and attract the relationship of their dreams.

Join an intimate circle of **only 8 women** ages 30-45 who will gather together in a loving safe space to gain clarity on attracting and/or creating romantic relationships that is inspiring and fulfilling. A conscious relationship is one where partners join each other to create a container for fulfilling their greatest potential, heart, mind, body and soul. To create such a relationship is a skill. Through our time in the circle, your will be able to identify what blocks or self-sabotaging patterns are keeping your from your dream relationship.

Your facilitator and coach Gigi Azmy, MBA has been leading coaching circles and groups on relationships, masculine and feminine dynamics and deepening and living our awakening in everyday life for the past 4 years at The Center SF. She is excited to bring this intimate gathering to deep dive with women who are interested in growing and embodying their greatest potential.

Facilitator BIO

Gigi Azmy, MBA has a superpower of shifting people immediately from their personal blocks. What most don't know about Gigi is that she is also a Business & Tech Consultant in Silicon Valley for Fortune 500 Companies for the past 6 years while also being a powerful transformative mentor & coach, whose gift is light speed unlocking the next stage of growth in an individual. Gigi is the co-founder of mindfulness schools, Urban Awakening and the director of Awakened Living Academy. She has a Conscious Relationship *virtual* course that has sold out every single time it has launched! The next group is forming December 2019, where she takes a group of 10 people on a 8 week transformative journey to learn how to be “The One” for themselves to naturally attract their dream conscious relationship. This class has sells out immediately, but you can apply to be a part of the next round. To learn more and schedule a **free** 30 minute Relationship Breakthrough Session with Gigi at and click "Book a Session".

More from Gigi:

Ladies we were sold a crap deal on relationships.

It is EXTREMELY painful and heartbreaking when we realize that as women we have done everything we were told we needed to do be in a solid relationship.

You’ve got your degrees and built a career.

You’ve done your inner work so your not dragging your past into the present.

You have good friendships and love your community.

It is still DIFFICULT to find and create that dream relationship.

What are you missing?

Do you need to lose a few more pounds or build an empire or appear smarter or more fun?

No. You now know better than that.

Here is how you know:

You have proved it to yourself that true lasting inspiring love is not going to come from your impressive paycheck, degrees, a nice place and getting in better shape.

You have been down that road of empty promises plenty of times and now you know for a fact, that those things are nice and attractive, but they won’t actually have the power to create the lasting, loving, inspiring relationship you have been longing for since forever.

How do I know?

When I was 31 years old, I successfully launched a tech consultancy in Silicon Valley, working only 6 months out of the year and even having my side dream job of running mindfulness workshops and executive coaching, filling my life up with exciting hobbies, building my dream life and community around me...I was still completely single.

What changed? What attracted to me the relationship of my dreams?

And more importantly, what can YOU do to finally have the amazing relationship you’ve always wanted?

In this circle you will find out YOUR personal blocks and how to start working on them right away. That is why we are keeping it to only 8 people.

The answers are surprisingly simple…come find out.

Later Event: September 19
Autumnal Equinox Gathering