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Discover the Soul of Your Brand with Maggie Taurick

What is your calling? How can you effectively share your gifts with the world? What is your story? How can the essence of what you have to share be expressed visually and energetically, so that potential clients, collaborators, and recipients of your art can become aware of what you have to offer?

In this workshop, we will explore these questions – finding clarity, inspiration, and motivation to move forward with sharing your passions in a tangible way. A brand is something deeply personal – whether it’s associated with your organization, business, personal services, or an art form. It’s something that encompasses a wide range of visual and energetic devices – language, colors, typefaces, graphic elements, a logo, and an overall strategy of how you present your offerings to the world.

During this session, we will work with cacao, meditation, and sound alchemy to enter into a state of deep presence where we can get in touch our creativity, becoming channels for the powerful message that wants to move through us. We’ll work with the voice to open the throat chakra and clear anything that’s blocking the flow of creative energy. Using words, symbols, and other visual elements, we’ll then translate those ideas and concepts that emerge from this process into physical form.

Once you have some concepts to work with, we will explore the visual and energetic qualities that represent the essence of your brand, and I will share some tips on creating a logo, choosing a typeface, and working with graphic elements, as well as how to select and work with a graphic designer if you choose to go that direction. You will leave this session with an understanding of how energy and intention are involved in the branding process, and a clear direction on the next steps to take in birthing or re-awakening your own brand and sharing your gifts to the world. To support you in moving forward, you’ll be paired with an accountability buddy to provide motivation and moral support.

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Maggie Taurick is a yogini, designer, and carrier of sacred sound. With a BFA in Graphic Design, she has over 10 years of professional experience in print, branding, and web design. Forever a student, she is constantly deepening her Spiritual and creative practices; exploring ways to integrate them further into her life. This exploration has led her to the unique combination of sound and cacao, which she became immersed in while living in Guatemala. Her passion for sharing this potent and profound alchemy has led her to travel and share its magic internationally in retreats, festivals, workshops, ceremonies, and more for the last few years. She has combined her background in design with her passion for transformation to share teachings on creative awakening. Through these teachings, she empowers others to tap into their innate creative nature and allow it to manifest in all aspects of life.

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