Cellular Detoxification & Rejuvenation

April 23 | 7-9:30PM | $25

Levels of heavy metals, parasites, plastics, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and other chemicals have consistently been on the rise in human beings. These toxins create cellular havoc and affect many biological processes. They are also an anchor preventing people from accessing high vibrational frequencies.

Have you dove deep into biohacking, self-help, motivational videos, meditation, and yoga but still can't make progress in your mental and physical acuity?

Come learn how to clean the organs & tissues of years of toxic buildup.

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Holistic Astrology: Get the Most Healing in 2019

April 25 | 7-9PM | $25

Timing is such an important factor in being able to maximize opportunity.

While the capacity to make positive changes is always available, 2019 has a consistent theme of deep healing. The energy of this year is very ripe for all of us to access tremendous growth and lifestyle changes, even potentially easier than in 2020. On a collective and personal level we will experience the immense urge to let go and simultaneously, the polarity of gain is also very much possible.

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The Sacred Dance of Therapeutic Thai Yoga

April 27 | 2-5PM | $40

In many traditional and eastern cultures, healing touch is a sacred and necessary form of daily nourishment, not the luxury spa service we know of in the west! We approach this practice of Therapeutic Thai Yoga as not only as a partner movement practice but as moving meditation, a mindful prayer in support of our collective health, healing and wellness.

Therapeutic Thai Yoga, known traditionally in Thailand as Nuat Phaen Boran, artfully blends meditation and therapeutic yoga to invigorate energy flow in the body, restoring the spirit and activating every body’s deep capacity for self-healing. The practice is offered as a guided meditation, a sacred dance, a peaceful prayer of metta, loving kindness, offering undivided attention in support wellness, health and deepest healing.

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Anatomy of Awakening Breathwork with Michael Brian Baker

April 27 | 7-8:30PM | $35-$40

Human physiology includes a vascular system that is non-ductory, yet is responsible for the entire experience of our “somatic” conscious energy body.
Come to know yourself with far more incorporeal intelligence and map unconscious cords and obstructions.
The Worlds Most Efficient and Cost Effective Adaptogen?
*Revive Self Respect and Restore Innocence
*Develop a Greater Sense of Trust, Confidence and Optimism
*Find Clarity and Connection with all in Existence
*Realize a State of Pure Happiness and Acceptance
*Dissolve Discordant False Experiences Appearing Real
*Replace Negative Thought Forms and Beliefs Patterns with Patience and Compassion
*Cultivate Positive Prospective on Life, Prioritize Values and Evolve

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Andean Wisdom and Cross-Cultural Pollination

April 28 | 2-5PM | Free

Enhance your life and maintain connection to nature through ancestral teachings with Maestro Juan Gabriel of the Q'ero Nation of Peru and discuss respectful cultural integration.

Community Exercises: Community exercises is a series of events taking place in the Bay Area of California. Our talks will be based around 4 themes: Wisdom Keepers, Spirit, Science + Technology, Sustainable Living + Plant Allies & Community Skills.

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Dance and Water Ritual with Suzanne Astar

April 28 | 6-8PM | $25

Join embodiment teachers, Suzanne Astar and special guests, to create a soothing vibrational environment where the relationship between our juicy bodies and intuitive powers becomes clear. This is an essential time to make the bridge between our relationship to our bodies and the earth. As indigenous peoples have known for centuries, when we make a relationship between ourselves and the elements, we open to world of synchronicity and sacred reciprocity. We are guided. We show up at the right place. We feel good. This workshop is designed to give you an experience of what it is like to live in a paradigm of harmony inside and out.

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Path to Enlightenment (Interactive Workshop)

April 30 | 7-9PM

How are you un-enlightening yourself? Spiritual teacher Adyashanti would ask with a grin.

This circle will have ***only 10 people*** to provide a chance for every person to ask and reflect on their deepest questions about awakening and enlightenment. The question isn't how do we get there (but that can be answered too) -- it is more of how are we keeping ourselves from that space?

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