We are an anchor of transformation in The Bay of swirling change. We honor the old and welcome the new. We are turning our best practices into ritual. We are thriving.

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Joan Torres's All Is Fused - Live Jazz Fusion | June 24 | 7-11PM

The Center SF welcomes the award winning Joan Torres's All Is Fused!!! Hailing from Puerto Rico, bassist and composer Joan Torres is on the forefront of progressive jazz. Joan was recognized early in his musical career by the Berklee College of Music. He studied under several great musicians and performed in a colorful array of genres such as salsa, rock, reggae, Latin jazz, funk, classical choir and Brazilian Capoeira music. Tasting all the delicious flavors of a multi-faceted musical buffet, his mind was expanded and his skill was diverse. Ultimately, he curated his ideal group of talented musicians who comprise the band Joan Torres’s All Is Fused. Constantly redefining genres and pushing boundaries reflects the evolution of art in all its forms. Joan Torres and his band of mystics will soon play their way into the ever-evolving history of Jazz music. We welcome YOU to play a part of that history on Friday night.

Cultivate Awareness and Creativity through Meditation | June 26 | 1:15-3:15PM

Meditation is an experience that help us cultivate awareness. This form of mental training allows us to understand our thoughts, emotions, and urges as well as how to balance them. We begin to unveil immense detail about ourselves and our reactions, while simultaneously fostering creativity, kindness, and acceptance. These experiences also help us improve other areas of daily life, including yoga, running, sports, work, and conflict resolution. In this meditation workshop, you will learn how to define meditation for yourself as well as learn techniques to work toward positive transformation through mindfulness, breath-work, and meditation.

All levels welcome, including beginners!

Strength vs. Flexibility Adapting Yoga to Your Body | June 26 | 3:15-5:15PM

Yoga creates balance in mind and body on a highly individual level. To achieve this balance, yoga promotes strength equally as much as flexibility. It is not a one-size-fits-all system. For us to independently achieve mental and physical transformation, we focus on cultivating a yoga practice centered on conscious movement and breath. This yoga workshop will provide you with critical insight into your body and developing your own practice, helping you to approach each posture to suit your mental and physical needs based on your body, lifestyle, and goals.

All levels welcome, including beginners!


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